Confidence is key. It is the key to a door that contains unlimited possibilities of human interactions, friendships, and networking that allows an individual to advance in their personal relationships as well as social and professional careers. To unlock the door to advancement in one’s life and career, we must find the confidence within ourselves to achieve the greatness we were destined for.

Having confidence starts with how we see ourselves. This often begins with how we believe we are perceived by our peers. This step starts with something as simple as a smile. Through a glance, a warm face and bright grin, we can communicate more without saying anything than all the theatrical introductions of a lifetime. A bright smile is a great first step to attaining the confidence we require for being courageous enough to seek out the personal achievements and fulfillment in our daily lives that we were intended for.

Teeth are not naturally white. They are bones, and unlike the bones we are shown on television and in school, must be bleached to attain the pearly white gean they are known for. A variety of other factors can also contribute to the staining of teeth, including but not limited to:

  • Drinking tea, coffee, soda and/or wine
  • Smoking
  • Excessive fluoride use
  • Inadequate dental hygiene
  • Aging

Teeth discoloration is often a natural occurrence that comes with enjoying a rich, full life, and can be easily reversed through modern dental procedures. Teeth are not naturally white, but there are a variety of basic dental procedures that can help one achieve the shining smile needed to enforce their confidence in daily life.  Teeth can be whitened through the use of specific toothpastes, bleach gels and trays, and whitening lights. There is little to be afraid of when seeking out this service, as teeth whitening is a common practice in today’s social environment as is the belief that a bright smile offers the world a brighter you. Many of these products and services can be provided by Exquisite Smiles, at the leisure of your own schedule and level of whitening desired. Choosing to whiten your teeth can reverse the effect of years of tooth discoloration that comes from something as simple as enjoying a glass of sweet tea, and can give you the confidence of a healthier, brighter smile for a healthier, brighter life.