Have you ever rubbed a lime peel against your teeth? This creates an amazing sensation with quite a sour zip. This is not only a wake-up call for your taste buds but also a clear way to whiten your teeth. If you squeeze a lime for use elsewhere the leftover rind can be used to press against your teeth. This done daily will create a lasting whitening effect on your chompers. An added bonus to the lime method is dabbing the inside of the lime rind in seas salt which will increase the teeth whitening effect. This method can also be done using a lemon. To do this combine enough tablespoons of baking soda to a bit of lemon juice to create a paste. After applying the lemon mixture leave on for twenty seconds then wipe off with a paper towel. Then use toothpaste to brush your teeth. Leave this mixture on your teeth for one minute then rinse out, this prevents the enabled acid from hurting your whites. This application to your teeth is sure to provide a lasting smile that you’ll be proud to show off. So for all chompers out there have some lime rind. Another easier and efficient way to whiten your teeth is to maximize the amount of dairy you consume. If you’re worried about calorie counts try Babybel cheeses that are nutritious and wholesome. Greek yogurt is also a selection bound to satisfy. Greek yogurt comes in small containers or large containers for any size group to enjoy. The Vanilla and honey Greek yogurt is delicious with added fruits, nuts and just a dash of cinnamon. Another option for a healthy dairy-protein snack is string cheese. Yes, that fond childhood snack. Now, it’s not only for the kids, eat these to satisfy and as a healthy dairy addition. We hope that these tips are handy as you continue on your teeth whitening journey. Cheers and bright smiles!

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