People misuse the word investment a lot. Sometimes people use it to justify a long-term purchase. Or a pricy good is on sale and potential buyers call it an investment instead of simply a good deal. But some goods and services that you can purchase outside of the stock market really can a good investment if you get profitable returns from them. Teeth whitening is one of them. Here’s how:

Teeth whitening is a great investment for your job.

Everyone invests in getting a better job. Maybe you took a course and gained a certificate in a specialty area. That entry-level job that you hated gave you both the experience and the credentials for the job you actually wanted. Even a college degree is an investment, and hopefully you have seen a return on the investment.

More than one in four young adults cites teeth as an interview anxiety.

How people feel about themselves comes across in how they act. Nerves are visible, and while hiring managers always expect a bit of nervousness, having too much anxiety wrecks the opportunity. Twenty-eight percent say the appearance of their mouth, or at least their perception of it, is getting in the way. If you are nervous about how your teeth look or you always think your teeth are yellow, a professional whitening can remove the anxiety and help you focus on your professional goals.

Are you short on time?

As more and more people turn to freelancing and representing themselves and their business, they’re becoming more visible. They have to video clients, meet people face to face, and always be ready to put on a professional face. The individual hours also have a measurable profitability or cost. When the clock is always ticking in the back of your mind, you need teeth whitening that’s fast. Treatments you can buy in a store may seem faster, but you have to touch them up frequently and fix unevenness. They also don’t last very long. Professional procedures have you in and out of the office quickly, and you won’t have to come back for at least a year.

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