If you’ve recently had your teeth whitened by your dentist, you know just how amazing the results are. Your teeth are several shades whiter and you want to keep them looking this way. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to extend your whitening for as long as possible. Here are three tips for making your teeth whitening last. 

Use A Straw

One very effective method for keeping your teeth white is to use a straw whenever you are drinking anything besides water. This helps to avoid having the colored liquid come in contact with your teeth. This includes things like soda, coffee, tea, juices, and other beverages that contain food dyes. You can save money and the environment by purchasing a reusable straw that you can bring around with you. 

Brush And Floss Regularly 

If you have a good brushing and flossing routine, then this can go a long way in keeping your teeth white. Brushing morning and night, as well as a quick brushing between meals when necessary, can help to remove the build up that can stain your teeth. Flossing is also just as important for removing the food particles that get stuck between your teeth and stain these areas. 

Go To Your Regular Dental Cleanings

It is also important that you go in for dental cleanings on a regular basis. These cleanings are so important because you don’t get this level of clean anywhere else. This also gives the hygienist the opportunity to carefully look at your teeth and give you any brushing or flossing tips that will help you to keep your teeth healthy and white.  Lastly, your dentist will check your teeth for cavities and other issues that can discolor and damage your teeth. 

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