Braces are a painful and often irritating way of straightening your teeth. One of the more annoying aspects of these orthodontic devices is how they affect your tooth cleaning routine. Obviously, things aren’t going to be the same with all that metal in your mouth, but this is no excuse to let your dental hygiene fall by the wayside. If you’ve recently gotten braces, here are three tips for cleaning your teeth you might find useful during this adjustment period.

1. More Frequent Cleaning

While the way you brush doesn’t necessarily need to change, how often you do it likely should. For most, it’s recommended you brush your teeth twice a day, but those wearing braces are asked to brush shortly after every meal. This is to ensure there’s no chance for plaque to build up along the braces themselves. You don’t need to go all out, but a few quick brushings throughout the day can really help to keep things clean.

2. Floss Picking

Flossing is always important but braces can cause some major issues in getting it done. Thankfully, there’s a few simple and readily available solutions. After having your braces installed, you were likely given a pack of floss threaders to use that allow you to thread floss strands under your braces. Additionally, floss picks (half flosser, half tooth pick) work wonders at pushing food out from between your teeth that’s trapped below your braces while letting you floss the tops. If all else fails, a water pick is also a good option.

3. Change Your Diet

As with most things, the best way to deal with a problem is to stop it before it begins. In this case, that might mean making a few changes to your diet. If you’re having trouble cleaning your teeth while you have braces, it’s a good idea to cut back on sugary or starchy foods. These feed the bacteria in your mouth and allow them to grow resulting in more plaque buildup. Removing the bacteria’s main food source means they can’t harm your teeth and cause those unsightly white spots you might notice on people who weren’t properly brushing while wearing their braces. It’s also good to follow your orthodontist’s recommendations on what foods you shouldn’t eat for fear they could get stuck in your braces.

Having braces means adjusting to a lot of different things until they’re finally taken off. Make sure your teeth are as healthy as they will be straight by following these three tips for cleaning your teeth with braces. For more information on braces, cleaning, and other ways to make your smile more dazzling in South Attleboro, contact us at Exquisite Smiles to set up an appointment.