Ideally, you want to get the bottom of your halitosis. Persistent bad breath can be a symptom of a lingering dental problem or an even more serious medical problem. But during the course of your day-to-day life, sometimes you just need a quick fix to keep going. Here are three things to help with bad breath, besides regularly brushing your teeth:

1. Don’t pop in the wrong breath freshener.

Mints are the go-to casual treatment for bad breath. But they might not help for long. Many mints and hard candies have enough menthol to mask bad breath for a while, but it’s not going to last through the workday or even your next meeting. It also might not be strong enough. Even worse, the sugars in mints and hard candy just provide fuel for bacteria that make the problem worse. Sugarless gum is better, but that has its own drawbacks.

2. Don’t eat onions and garlic.

It’s old advice, but it works. Onions and garlic are often considered the bad guys of bad breath, even though they’re great for your health overall. If you’re eating them to keep your heart healthy, that’s a sacrifice worth making. But breath freshening techniques won’t help with bad breath. The chemicals that cause onion and garlic’s pungency get into your bloodstream and are expelled from your lungs. You just have to wait for those chemicals to wear away.

3. Drink water.

Low saliva lets bacteria take over your mouth. While water is hardly a replacement, frequently sipping water can keep your mouth wet and the bacteria at bay. You’re mouth might be getting dry from dry winter air while you sleep at night, sugary foods, or even just dehydration. It’s easier to be dehydrated at work than it seems.

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