Each time we visit the dentist, they, without a doubt, tell us we need to floss. If the professionals want us to add this into our nighttime routine before we go to sleep, why do so many people not floss? Most people don’t even remember what they ate throughout their day and even if you don’t physically feel any food stuck in your teeth, there is. It’s important for your dental hygiene to make sure you floss your teeth to help prevent bad breath, gum disease, and even tooth decay.

1. Prevent Bad Breath

Flossing is a key factor in preventing bad breath. When you choose not to floss, you’re leaving leftover particles of food in between your teeth that won’t smell very good a few days from now, much less a couple of week from now.

2. Avoid Unwanted Dental Procedures

Food that is left between your teeth will eventually lead to cavities. Cavities require fillings which can become quite costly (even if you have dental insurance) if you have more than a few.  

3. Prevent Serious Dental Issues

 By neglecting to floss, you leave your gums and teeth at risk for gum disease and eventually tooth decay. This can become a dangerous situation regarding your overall health the longer you let it continue. 

It’s clear that flossing your teeth can help prevent a number of dental health issues. By choosing not to floss, you are putting your overall health at risk as well. If you have questions about flossing or are unsure where to start, contact us or schedule a routine cleaning with our dentist in South Attleboro, MA today. 

So when you brush your teeth tonight, take the extra minute or two and reach for the floss. Not only will it help fight bad breath, your smile will feel fresh and look bright.