Have you been feeling self-conscious over the discoloration of your teeth? Whether it’s due to certain foods, smoking, hygiene, or natural aging, achieving one of those “movie star smiles” is easier than ever when you visit Exquisite Smile for teeth whitening!

I know what you may be thinking. What are the benefits of whitening my teeth at the dentist’s office? Why not do it myself at home?

It’s Longer Lasting Than Whitening Strips

When you come to Exquisite Smiles, the procedure takes a grand total of 45 minutes and the results last a lifetime. With the purchase of whitening strips, a series of studies show that the effects don’t last nearly as long. DIY strips must be applied multiple times a week and don’t even cover the sides or back of your teeth. There is also no guarantee that the strips will work for you. Depending on how severe the discoloration is, you may end up wasting more time and money trying to see even minimal results. It’s much simpler to seek a professional dentist who can assess what type of treatment you will need.

Confidence is Key

Strong first impressions are built within seven seconds of meeting someone, and what better way to show how radiant you are than with those pearly whites gleaming in the sun? Insecurities are tough to handle but fortunately, your teeth isn’t one of them! Kick up your confidence level, and don’t let yellow teeth steal the joy of smiling every chance you get. 

It’s a Safer Route

Whitening your teeth is used with Hydrogen Peroxide. When you DIY at home, some people find that damage to their gums and enamel happen due to the teeth being overexposed to the strips. The damage is irreversible, and whitening your teeth under the direct supervision of a dentist is the safest route to go. 

Seeing your dentist for cosmetic reasons is proven to be the safest, quickest, and easiest way to whiten your teeth. If you want a better and improved smile, all while saving time and money, please contact us.