A nightguard is the kind of dental equipment many consider purchasing but never get around to, at least until there’s already a good amount of damage to their teeth. Obviously, you should try to avoid this and get one early on, though even those of us smart enough to do that might not know the full swath of benefits that come with using a nightguard while sleeping. For that little extra push towards protecting your teeth, here are three reasons to use a nightguard you should know.

1. Stops Grinding

The most obvious benefit of a nightguard is that it will stop you from grinding your teeth in your sleep. Nightguards are made of durable plastic that can reduce friction on your teeth and protect them from rubbing against each other. This stops the wear down of enamel and potential chipping that can easily happen when you’re not conscious to stop it.

2. Protect Teeth Alignment

If you’ve had corrective dentistry procedures like braces, a nightguard is a good way to retain your smile and protect teeth alignment. Nightguards that double as retainers or vice versa are crucial in ensuring that all the money and pain that went into straightening your teeth won’t be undone, either by your teeth shifting back out of place or from grinding against each other.

3. Less Aches

You might not realize it, but a tense jaw that’s constantly grinding on itself is bound to cause more problems elsewhere in the body. Using a nightguard helps to relieve some of the pressure from a tense jaw, in turn relieving pressure on the neck and face that can lead to a stiff neck and headache.

A nightguard is a much more vital part of good oral health than many give it credit for, as demonstrated by these three reasons to wear one while you sleep. To get yourself a nightguard or to schedule an appointment for many other dental services, contact Exquisite Smiles today.