Dental procedures and tools are becoming more varied than ever. No matter what improvements you want to make to your smile, dentists have the technology to customize a solution that’s just right for your mouth. One of these constantly improving solutions is a partial denture. Not only can it make your teeth more functional, but it can also restore your confidence in your smile. Here are three reasons to try it out:

1. Partial dentures can add back teeth that have been removed.

Over time, your mouth may lose teeth either due to severe damage or because they no longer fit alongside straightened teeth. With partial dentures, you can add back select teeth that you need for chewing, talking, or smiling. The underlying framework can be built to perfectly fit your mouth and clasp onto other teeth so you don’t have to worry about the partial denture slipping.

2. Partial dentures can cap teeth that have been damaged or worn down.

You might have all of your original teeth, but they can still be damaged over time. TMJ disorder can make you grind and wear down your teeth. Individual teeth might also become cracked or worn through general use. Partial dentures don’t just replace whole teeth. They can cap, or cover, your natural teeth to restore your smile.

3. Partial dentures fit seamlessly along your natural teeth.

If you’re worried about how dentures look, you might be even more worried about the contrast between a partial denture and your natural teeth. But don’t worry. Dentures and partial dentures are getting more and more realistic. They can be customized to perfectly mimic the color and shape of your teeth. That means no one will be able to tell the difference between the porcelain replacements and your natural teeth. You can feel even more confident smiling.

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