When you have the choice between over-the-counter teeth whitening products and going to the dentist, most people turn to the DIY methods. But don’t let a residual dislike of going to the dentist stop you from getting a thorough and safe teeth whitening. Here are three reasons why you should book an appointment as soon as you read this article:

1. Professionally done teeth whitening gives you an evenly white smile.

Commercial products and applicators don’t get the whitening agent everywhere on your teeth, such as the crevices between your teeth or the tops of particularly long teeth. Even if some product covers all of your enamel, it won’t be even. This can leave your teeth blotchy and make them look stained. It also means some of your teeth will be overexposed to the whitening product, and that’s bad for your teeth’s health. Professionals can apply the product evenly to get the white smile you want. Some dental procedures even use light instead of chemical products for an even smoother whitening.

2. Dentists can provide custom treatments.

Your mouth’s health is the most important thing. Dentists can examine your teeth and gums to recommend the whitening treatment that is the best for you. They can take into account uneven teeth, recent dental procedures, and gum health in a way commercial products can’t match.

3. You can combine it with a dental check-up.

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. But getting a whiter smile can be just the incentive you need. Schedule a general check-up in conjunction with your whitening. Not only will you end the visit with a brighter smile, your dentist can check your teeth and gums for even developing problems.

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