Getting that perfect smile is something to look forward to. No matter the type of teeth-straightening system you use, the end result is exactly the same: better-looking teeth that make you feel more confident. However, once the braces come off, you must take steps in order to maintain that beautiful smile. If you’ve never considered permanent retainers or nightguards, here are 3 reasons you should.

1) A Continuing Process

Permanent retainers are a great option if you are afraid you might forget to wear your retainers. After your braces are removed, you must continue to keep wearing retainers in order to keep your teeth in place. Your mouth is recovering from having undergone big changes, which includes shifting gums and bones. As both settle in their new positions, you must continue to train the teeth to stay in their new place, which is where permanent retainers come in handy.

2) Invisible Aids

Permanent retainers are also convenient because they settle securely behind your teeth, which means they are not visible to anyone else. Don’t worry about opening your mouth to talk and smile – to others, your teeth straightening process may as well be complete.

3) Added Convenience

Finally, because they are always attached securely within your mouth, you don’t need to worry about taking a retainer with you when you travel, which only adds to the confusion of packing. You don’t have to take it out when you eat, and you are simply unable to lose it.

These 3 benefits illustrate just what makes permanent retainers so helpful. But at the same time, you should understand that permanent retainers require work, just like all other retainers. Because they are constantly in your mouth, you must be diligent in brushing and flossing in order to keep them clean and plaque free. If you do the required maintenance, permanent retainers will do a great job of keeping your smile perfect.

If you’re at the stage of teeth straightening where you’ll need to think about retainers, you should consider permanent ones. To learn more, please contact us.