cosmetic dentist is not only a doctor but an artist. Your cosmetic dentist can help you achieve a beautiful smile. However, there a few things your dentist must know before getting started. In order to get the best results, prepare yourself to discuss some of the following information with your cosmetic dentist.

What is Your Overall Health History?

One of the first things your cosmetic dentist will inquire about is your overall health. There are a number of health conditions that can affect the health of your teeth. It is important to share the details of your health history with your dentist. This information can include any prescriptions you currently use, supplements, and any other over-the-counter medication you may take.

Your dentist will also inquire about your daily oral hygiene routine. This will help your dentist determine what adjustments (if any) are necessary before any restoration takes place. Being honest about your oral health routine is important so that you can receive the best results.

How Do You Feel About Your Smile?

You may feel awkward about sharing your feelings about your current smile. However, your cosmetic dentist can use this information when determining the best course of action for your new smile. Feel free to discuss your feelings openly. Your dentist wants to help you and is willing to listen. This is the time to express your likes, dislikes, and what you are hoping for.

What Are Your Goals?

After sharing your feelings about your current smile, it is also important to share what your goals are for your future smile. This information is crucial so that your cosmetic dentist can help you achieve what you are desiring. Be open about your goals. Cosmetic dentistry offers a lot of options. Your dentist will still help you set realistic expectations. However, the chances of accomplishing your dream smile are higher if you are honest about what you want.

Achieving a beautiful smile is not as difficult as you may think. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We offer a variety of services, including cosmetic, esthetic, and restorative dentistry.