Teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular, even as it’s still seen as a cosmetic procedure. But teeth whitening can do a lot more than just whiten your teeth. If you’re on the fence about getting the procedure done, make sure you consider the long-term benefits of it. Here are three to add to your pro-con list.

What are the long-term benefits of teeth-whitening?

Specifically, these are the benefits of a teeth-whitening procedure handling by a dental professional. Brightening pastes and bleaches you can buy in a store last for only a fraction of the time if they work at all. They also can degrade your gums and enamel and are difficult to apply evenly. Schedule an appointment so you can:

Receive regular oral check-ups.

Scheduled whitening treatments are no replacement for thorough dental check-ups. But they are an opportunity for a professional to look at your teeth and points out any developing causes for concern. The overwhelming majority of teenagers and adults don’t go to the dentists as often as they should to ensure good health. As scientists are discovering more and more about how the health of everyone’s teeth and gums play a part in their overall well-being, every little bit helps.

Benefit from the psychological benefits of white teeth.

White teeth are a cultural ideal in the United States. When people think their teeth are too yellowed, dulled, or uneven, they are more likely to take a back seat in professional conversations. Being self-conscious about your teeth can make a performance and presentation shaky. It can also distract you in the middle of an interview. White teeth can help you feel more confident immediately.

Have a reason to quit.

Cigarette smoke discolors teeth. Quitting a smoking habit can seem impossible, especially if you’d tried before. But making small adjustments, changing tiny habits, and adding a bunch of individual reasons for quitting can help you get over the hump. Even professional whitenings can dully when you smoke, and you can use that as another reason to skip over at least the next cigarette.

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