Older fillings fail. If you have metal fillings or fragile crowns, they can crack or separate over time. Depending on where the metal is, you might not even notice when the material starts to break down and decay starts to build up. Instead of replacing the damaged area with another metal filling, replace it with a ceramic reconstruction. Here are three different types that can restore your smile:

Cover your teeth with ceramic veneers:

Veneers can cover discolored, crooked, or chipped teeth without you removing the original tooth or undergoing any treatment. Your dentist can measure your teeth to create a perfect set of porcelain veneers that bonds securely to your teeth and gives you a naturally beautiful smile. In a single appointment, you can cover one or several teeth to even out their appearance.

Replace metal fillings with ceramic fillings:

Metal fillings are vulnerable to time and pressure. But porcelain reconstructions can last a lifetime. If your filling has cracked or your tooth is decaying under a filling, let your dentist know. They can remove the old metal and decay. Then they can have a custom porcelain inlay created to perfectly fit in place over the tooth. 

Not only is a custom porcelain filling a better guarantee against future damage, the porcelain blends in seamlessly with your teeth.

Repair your teeth with ceramic crowns:

Metal crowns take several appointments to finalize, and that can leave you in a lot of pain in the meantime. But CEREC ceramic crowns take just a single appointment to put in place. Just like with fillings, ceramic crowns give you a seamless smile with evenly colored teeth and no visible history of damage.

Dental treatments are getting better and better. If your old metal fillings and crowns are giving you trouble, schedule an appointment at Exquisite Smiles for ceramic reconstruction.