When it comes to bad breath, we all know the usual suspects. Garlic and onions are two popular foods to accuse of causing halitosis, and coffee isn’t far behind. Behaviors can also be behind bad breath: brushing teeth doesn’t just fill your mouth with the smell of the toothpaste, it gets rid of some of the bacteria causing the problem. But here’s why that last one might be a bit more complicated than it sounds, as well as a few other unlikely culprits behind bad breath.

Are you using the wrong products to clean your teeth?

Regularly accepted tooth brushing procedures have been dealt a few blows over the years. Brushing your teeth after a meal hurts the enamel that’s in a fragile state from the sugars and acids in the food. Fruit is bad for our teeth. Brushing the wrong way or with a brush that’s too soft or too hard can hurt your gums. But regardless of the changing trends in tooth care, it’s been pretty universally agreed that alcohol and baking soda dry out your mouth. This means that bacteria can start to grow unencumbered in your gums and teeth and on your tongue.

Do you feel sick?

Our body’s systems are all tied to together. Oral health is tied to cardiovascular health, gingivitis can connect to plaque in our arteries, and holistic care is more and more supported by science. As far as bad breath is concerned, the underlying cause doesn’t have to be dental. It can be caused by everything from diabetes to kidney disease.

The dry mouth caused by the wrong products can even be caused by medications or breathing through your mouth. So if you’ve recently gotten sick, that might be the cause.

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