Many incidents of TMJ are exacerbated, or even outright caused, by stress in the workplace. Some it is because you have to physically clench your jaw to keep angry mutters slipping out. Part of it might be a tension headache caused by the overhead lighting. Slouching, propping your chin on your fist, and poor neck posture also have a role in the condition. Whether you’ve had a case of TMJ before or you’re worried that your circumstances are ripe for stress-based jaw injuries, try to change your habits before the problem worsens. Here are two ways to relax your jaw’s tension in the office.

1. Top off your drink.

You can’t drink and clench your jaw at the same time unless you really want to. So top off your coffee or grab a new tea bag and make sure you always have a fresh mug handy. You can even add a note to the side of the mug to remind yourself to unclench your jaw after every drink. Small reminders can help you catch a habit before it fully forms. Even better, hydration reduces stress and keeps other maladies at bay.

2. Readjust your screen.

Poor face and neck posture puts a lot of pressure on your jaw. Make sure your screen, chair, and desk are properly aligned so you can sit up straight and comfortably maintain good posture without having to constantly remind yourself. People spend almost all day sitting in the office, and the aches and pains of poor posture add up.

Not only can poor neck positioning make your teeth touch when there should always be a bit of space between your upper and lower jaw, muscle aches just pile on stress. Make good posture a priority because healthier, relaxed lifestyles reduce the risk of TMJ.

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